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Geo Leon's Portrait Retouching Tutorial


In this tutorial I will be showing you a step by step process on how I retouch all my photos from start to finish.

This is a 12 Chapter tutorial covering the following areas: (104mins)

-Skin Clean up

-Local Dodging and Burning

-Global Dodging and Burning

-Color Correction/Color grading

-Digital make up

-Export settings

And much more!

This tutorial is intended for your own personal use and should not be shared on any website/platform. As an artist we work hard to release content to make it possible for others to gain knowledge. So please respect the time and effort that was put into making this tutorial,

(The RAW file is for your practice use only and should not be posted on any social media platforms/sites and claimed as your own)


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Geo Leon's Portrait Retouching Tutorial

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